Saint Leger International

Headquarters : Camden ME, France Siret N° 810 761 478

Retained and Contingency Recruiting

At Saint Leger we focus on identifying, assessing, placing and retaining leaders in the Life Sciences and Agribusiness sectors with outstanding track records, who will build competitive advantage and continuous value for our clients.

We offer both retained and contingency search (18-20% of expected annual salary) and recruiting.  Integrity, and Intelligent recruiting are at the heart of our talent acquisition philosophy. 

If you looking to hire experienced professionals to develop your talent pool and expand your company, Saint Leger International, has a provent record of successfully placing candidates throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. ​

Our experienced team helps you target, identify and screen the most qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Let us help you achieve your Talent Search goals. 

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